Things the BOP market needs

This is my first blog in the series. This series will deal with services and products that the BOP needs. Here we go...
The most hottest product sold in the rural market are the high efficient white LED based light. Either powered from AC or a solar panel. This has given raise to few startups dedicated to provide lighting solutions to the rural market. The lights are cheap and provide a better lights compared to kerosene. There are three main players for now, all of them are venture funded.

Dlight seems to have 3 types of products now. There is also SELCO India, which is much more amazing in it's business model. There are few more companies that donate the lights, but thats a different story. Though the market existed in India since a long time ( even in Urban India, I remember using tubelight based emergency lamps during my exams), it is in recent times that major VCs have seen a potential market. The logic behind is simple. Most villages have either no grid power and if they have there is no sufficient power for them. They use kerosene, which gives bad light,fumes. An average person in a village would spend Rs1000 per annum of kersoene which can be replaced by these lights. There is a market for millions of such lights !!! With cheap electronics and plastic you have a very good margin.