Open business as in Open Source

There is always so much to learn from Open source. Sharing ideas,technology,webspace... GPL has always been useful for every person who uses it. It teaches a lot about team work,enthusiastic people from all over the world, with common goals of the helping the needy with their source code. Most importantly they are honest,responsible group of people coming together to change something and make it work. They really have some great stuff, Firefox, Ubuntu, you name it they have it. What is that which makes open source better ? People work better when they love what they are doing. So true !
There is definitely a lot business can learn from Open source. Perhaps the term Open Business is just amazing. Every aspect of the business is open to stake holders. From marketing to finance, from technology to operations, the stake holders know everything. The business is run by a community of interested people. The money is visible, compensation is known. The philosophy is clean and simple,
talent is distributed, so is the business. It's a community run business and in today world web 2.0, things get much more easier.Most importantly the CEO doesn't spend the companies money Golfing or hunting...

I'm very keen to start an open business in India, specially after seeing huge success of community driven events like Barcamp.