Impact maximization : One more piece of bread

The idea is pretty simple. Maximize the impact for a single family. It's a small village. Every extra penny creates a story. Every person talks about the story. Within a short period you have more people asking for your product or service.
In most cases it very easy to see the impact. A single extra bread for every family member is a huge impact. Enough to create a wave among the tightly connected village population. Most people are unaware about the benefits of the product/service you are trying to sell. They ignore you just because they can't afford. They simply assume it be a piece of gold. Find a way to show the impact. May be find few people whom you think can show the 'impact figures' and let them use your product/service for free or just rent it. As I told you one extra piece of bread/roti is a great way to measure impact. Everybody wants one for himself and his family.