Getting ready to change the world

You have a great new product that you think can change the lives of world's poorest. You are all set to move to Africa or India and start selling. But few months into the business it gets harder and harder to sell.
Say you have a perfect product that gives almost free electricity for life. You have a great young team. Yet it gets harder day by day. So where are you failing ? Heres the thing,

  1. The keyword is 'convince'. Convince them, prove that your product can truly change there lives.Change just means which can give them extra few dollars or even few cents every day or cure a disease.
  2. Make sure you provide them with the a great finance options. Well if you don't trust your product can pay you back then don't sell it to them. They will be investing there life savings into your product.
  3. Make sure they pay you back by giving them ways to use your products productively.
  4. Provide a great customer service.
  5. Finally make sure they need your product. I mean before you sell water heaters make sure they have access to drinking water. Don't try to solve the wrong problem at wrong place.