Closing the digital divide one step at a time

We have seen lot of articles about the existing digital divide between the urban and rural India.But why do we talk about the digital divide when rural regions lack even the most basic of basic requirement like light,water,food.....
Now lets go back to the basics. Computer, they truly amazing. Can do wonders. Change your life style. If they can change yours they can changes any life. When we talk about rural India, echoupal has proved what computers and internet can do for Indian villages. Thats nice, but wait a minute, there is a basic flaw !!! villagers need to know how to read and write. Even if they literates, they need to know english. Every Indian state has it's own language. Do you get computers and keyboard with all these languages ? And where do you get trainers who can teach computers in these languages ? Or do you first teach them english and then computers ?
So how did echoupal do ? Well ITC has resources to help them.They hired people who can help villagers. But you may not be able to do that. There needs be a practical solution. So if you are trying to build a computers to help the Indian rural regions its not only about the cost, it about literacy, its about linguistcs. Here is the solution:
"Build a software that is illiterate proof, and probably use the same to teach them how to read and write." Isn't is simple?